Bill Slawski is The Columbo of SEO

I found out about Bill Slawski from a tweet by Matt Cutts (Google's legendary spokesperson). If Matt Cutts likes someone in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world, then I certainly want to know about him (or her). Anyhow, Bill Slawski is a SEO and Internet Marketing consultant based in Carlsbad, CA. He is the Columbo (for those too young to remember, Columbo was simply the best TV detective drama of all time) of Google SEO bloggers.

He knows Google SEO

Bill sniffs out patent applications and other Google paper trails that reveal much about the thought process behind their search engine algorithms and strategies. Not only are his blog posts very insightful, they are entertaining and hold your attention. This is SEO blogging at its best.

If you have any interest in SEO Bill Slawski's blog, SEO by the Sea, should be in your bookmark list... at the very top! Check it out!

Bill Slawski - SEO by the Sea



He Knows Google!