Mobile websites are in demand by homebuyers

How so? That demand is evidenced by the fact that they are doing home buying research on smartphones and tablets. In fact, Google announced that as of May 2015, more than 50% of all online searches in the United States and Canada are done on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

homebuyers need mobile real estate websites

Now, home buyers may not say that they want responsive real estate web design. And a good number of them may not even know what that is. However, by making the decision to use a smartphone or tablet more than 50% of the time for home-buying research, they are making their demand felt.

Truthfully speaking, if a homeowner chooses a realtor to sell their property, they must choose one who has a responsive website. Why? Because more than half of the opportunities you have to sell a property are lost if smartphone consumers cannot use or find your website. Your real estate website must function perfectly on smartphones.

mobile real estate website design - #4

Google is giving priority to mobile friendly websites in mobile search results. Because consumers demand it! If you are a real estate company, it is foolhardy to ignore this basic trend in how consumers browse the Web. Your business will suffer for it.

Home Buyers are not sitting around anymore.

No one is glued to the desktop computer in the family room anymore. When you visit your local Starbucks, how many laptops do you see? Who lugs around a laptop nowadays if all they need is a smartphone to surf the web? Give consumers what they want, where they want it. On their smartphone, wherever they happen to be, and watch your real estate business grow! I can help you to reach more mobile home-buyers. Contact Don Peterson for a free website evaluation.

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