Home Decor Web Design Done With Style

These samples are from a home decorating web design done for a client located in Florida (US). As with any craft or trade that places a high emphasis on aesthetics, the website had to convey the beauty and professional craftsmanship my client brings to the homes of appreciative clients.The Web affords home decorating specialists the opportunity to give a rich presentation complete with photo galleries and videos that showcase their work. I help home decor professionals to make the best online presentation possible.

home decor web design

To that end, I made use of top quality photography and graphics that would instantly spark an emotional response in homeowners. In this type of website, it is critical that the photography is top notch. It does the 'heavy lifting' of showcasing the talents and capabilities of a home improvement professional.

Home Decorating Web Design

Presentation is everything when it comes to selling home improvement. The images used must convey a feeling of luxury and panache. The content pages are carefully designed to balance an explanation of my clients services with compelling visual ideas and inspiration that are of great value to the homeowner. For example, we offer a showcase of decorating ideas by means of a thumbnail gallery that shows full sized, detailed images that can inspire decorating decisions.

Home Decorating Web Design#10

The website serves not only as an introduction to my client's home decorating and improvement services but also as an online catalog full of tempting ideas that potential customers will bookmark and return to as they make a purchasing decision. The investment in top quality photography and decorating details will not go unnoticed by a potential customer. Color coordination is one of the small details that I pay careful attention to in home improvement web design. It is important that every element on the page contributes to a positive overall impression.

Home Decorating Web Design #4

Home Decorating Web Design #7

I created this home decorating website on a small business budget. However, as is true of all real estate and home decorating websites designed in my studio, small business budgets get Fortune 500 quality. I will be delighted to help you create and appealing website that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. -Don Peterson.

Elegant Home Decorating Web Design