Website design for home improvement contractors.

Right from the home page, this home improvement website design offers a tempting showcase of home renovation and improvement projects as a full page slideshow. These beautifully presented images fill the computer screen, and offer the best possible presentation of your services and products. However, this is more than a pretty face. This web design is also “Responsive,” meeting the needs of both the smartphone (Mobile Web) and desktop computer users.

Home Improvement Website Design

Why Your Home Improvement Business Needs “Responsive” Website Design

home improvement - mobile web designResponsive web design adjusts automatically to fit any web-enabled device. It will look good not only on a computer or laptop but also on smartphones, tablets, iPhones and other mobile devices. This vital feature makes your website more adaptive to what shoppers want. 4 out of 5 smartphone owners use their devices to shop. “Responsive” websites ensures that your website is fast loading and properly presented on all mobile web-enabled device. This web design is ready for the present and future needs of your potential online consumers. Having a responsive web design for your home improvement business also gives you an advantage over competitors. Most small businesses are not prepared to use the mobile web to sell their goods and services. Your “Responsive” website puts your business in front of a much larger group of potential customers!

Because this web design uses a Content Management System (CMS), content, articles and up-to-date information can be quickly and easily added to the website from any web-enabled computer. You can quickly make these changes in-house, without the expense and time required in contacting a web designer each time an update is needed. This feature insures that your prices, descriptions, and sales information are always accurate and up-to-date. Again, this benefits shoppers, who depend upon current information in making buying decisions.

A Low-Cost Online Home Improvement Marketing Solution

Because the layout, basic design, and coding are pre-made, you benefit by a gaining state-of-the-art website solution for a very low cost. We create your website with all the needed content for a modest initial fee. All hosting and maintenance services are added for a low monthly fee.

Image galleries, social media tools, and Google maps are all included in this home improvement web design. Image galleries allow you to show the full range of your home improvement services in an exciting visual presentation to potential customers on any web-enabled mobile device or computer. Social media tools link your content to a much wider online audience. Google maps allow your potential customers to obtain directions to your showroom.

home improvement website design - gallery

These online features allow you to provide interactive content that makes your business more attractive to potential customers, and enhance your presence in the search engines. Contact us to find out how inexpensive this online marketing solution can be for your business!

Here are some of the businesses that can benefit from this website:

♦ Professional Home Builders
♦ Home Renovation Contractors
♦ Construction Companies
♦ Window / Door Installation Companies
♦ Window / Door Retailers
♦ Home Improvement Manufacturers
♦ Home Remodeling Contractors
♦ Roofing Companies / Contractors
♦ Licensed General Contractors
♦ Hardwood Flooring Installers

Are you a home improvement business owner? We can adapt this website design to meet your specific needs.We have created this home improvement website design especially for small business owners with small business budgets. We give you a professional, appealing online presence that is fully compatible with smartphones many consumers will use to find your business.

home improvement website design - responsive

Please contact Don Peterson, mobile web designer, for a free consultation. You may also use our contact us page to reach us by email. This adaptive, future-ready home improvement website design can help you to attract more business online.

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Home Improvement Website Design