Let me walk you through a modern day scenario that can happen every day in your retail store, gallery or shop. Not a future scenario, one that can occur today! A potential customer walks into your business. She browses, loves what she sees, but does not make a purchase. You chat briefly with her. It is obvious that your products have captured her eye. What can you do to turn that encounter into a sale?

Retail shopping - QR Code

You hand her a brochure or flyer with a printed QR Code that she can scan with a smartphone. That QR code will link her directly to your website on her smartphone. Or, she scans the QR code you have displayed prominently on a poster near the door before leaving. It takes just a couple of seconds!

That potential customer goes to lunch or returns home. She and her husband look-up your website on their smartphone (from the OR Code scan) and find a product that captures their attention. They read more about it on your website. She returns to your shop the next day, ready to buy. That QR code just became one of your best salespeople!

Reach Consumers on Their Smartphones

More than half of all the people who visit your website in 2016 will do so on a smartphone. Consider this: Online retail giant Amazon.com stated that for the 2015 holiday season, more than 70% of their customers placed orders from a smartphone! Yes, that figure is correct, 70%! Is your business ready to serve smartphone-savvy consumers?

Why Mobile Compatibility Is Vital For Your Business

If your website is not smartphone compatible, your customers do not see a properly formatted web page on their smartphone. They must continually scroll left-to-right and top-to-bottom just to read anything. Finally, using finger touch to navigate links on a website that is not smartphone compatible can be quite frustrating.

Grow sales with smartphones

Notice how my portfolio website  looks on a smartphone. It fits the screen width perfectly. The logo is legible, and a standard smartphone menu seen just below it works perfectly with finger touch. Finally, as you scroll down, images of featured artwork are perfectly aligned and link to pages within the website.In fact, my website (and those of my clients) look great on any device from a smartphone to tablet that your customers will carry.

The QR Code strategy and website smartphone compatibility I've discussed will meet the current expectations of potential customers in much more satisfying and profitable way. And, once implemented, they can be easily maintained. I can create a responsive website for your business that works perfectly on all Mobile devices. Once you have a great website, use QR codes to send eager shoppers to your online presence.

The online marketing potential for your business is an unexplored vista! Let me help you to tap into this lucrative market for your business! -Don Peterson

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