A thirst for style and creativity can blossom in any culture.

The Congolese Sapeurs have taken inspiration from classic Parisian couture and made it uniquely their own. The 'Sapeur' is typically from the city of Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, and of humble origin and means. They save money from their modest incomes to purchase colorful and stylish outfits as a means of self-expression. A Sapeur's clothing is his personal canvas, a work of art that mixes its roots in French style with a highly personal joie de vivre. The interplay of color and sartorial swagger is uniquely Sapeur.


Guinness created a short documentary about the Sapeur culture that I've linked to below. Fascinating to watch.

Sapeurs Video

As a web designer, I find much inspiration in the bold use of color and pattern in the Sapeur style and their indefatigable joy of life.

Inspiration: The Congolese Sapeurs