Savvy shoppers use smartphones as they shop.

In a recent Gannett/Key Ring survey, 90% of shoppers chose smartphones as the easiest device to use for in-store shopping. “Mobile is used along the path to purchase – a process that is no longer as linear as it used to be because mobile devices facilitate discovery and planning on-the-go,” said Chris Fagan, CEO of Key Ring. If consumers consider smartphones the best tool for in-store shopping, it stand to reason that retail business websites must be mobile friendly.

Is your website on my smartphone?

The top reasons smartphones are used during shopping:

♥ Price comparisons & product information (53%), and offers and promotions (39%)
♥ Finding locations of other stores (36%),  and hours (35%)

Also, smartphones are making shopping a more social experience as shoppers share photos and get feedback from friends as they view items while shopping. There is also a fundamental truth about smartphone consumers that should make retailers happy. Shoppers who use mobile more spend more in store. Generally, frequent smartphone users spend 25-50% more than other shoppers each time they shop.

How can you attract more smartphone consumers?

First of all, have a mobile-friendly website (that means responsive website design). Secondly, use it to provide helpful information, coupons, and sales news that they can use as they shop. Finally, make your website as helpful and useful as you can. It should add to the pleasure of the shopping experience.

retailer websites for smartphones

Are you a local retail business? Perhaps you run a cafe, diner or specialty shop. Can a potential customer find your business in a quick search on their smartphone? Maybe they want to see your menu, get an idea of your price range, or see if you carry a specific brand or product. The truth is, they will most likely go right to their smartphone for that information, before setting foot in your store. Many times, they will look up that information while standing outside of your door! What can you do to entice them? Note the following suggestions provided by the retail executive new source Retail

"Retailers that make their websites, products, prices, coupons and loyalty programs accessible via mobile devices can realize a number of benefits, including improved customer engagement, sales, and loyalty. Supporting this point, 57% of consumers said they would be likely to shop at a store if they received messages or push notifications about relevant deals and coupons while shopping at that store. More importantly, 77% of respondents said they are more likely to shop at a store that has a loyalty program."

Think Like Your Customers

Your website is not just an online brochure advertising your business. It should be a resource that provides key information in a concise and easily digestible format on smartphones and iPhones. Think of it as a helpful waiter or salesperson ready to answer questions for someone visiting your store for the first time. That is how modern consumers view your website, but only if it is quickly and easily available on their smartphones.

That fundamental shift in how your website is viewed by consumers should also influence its design. Gone are the days of slow-loading Flash animation enabled home pages with lots of “bells and whistles.” Your business website must inform, not entertain. It can be visually appealing, but it must, above all, be informative and helpful.

I Think Like Your Customers!

At, I create visually appealing websites driven by the needs of your customers and potential customers. View my freelance website design portfolio to see how I have helped retail businesses like yours to appeal to consumers. Feel free to contact me (Don Peterson) with any questions you may have on web design and smartphone compatibility.

Is Your Business On My Smartphone?