Most of the major purchases made by consumers today are lifestyle purchases. It is a purchase that says something about what they have attained, or aspire to. It speaks of the values they hold. Whether it is homes, cars or even the smartphone they use, the brand and design speak volumes about their lifestyle accomplishments and ambitions.

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What Is Lifestyle Web Design

For good reason, web design that features homes, cars or other major purchases should mirror the lifestyle aspirations of the buyer. Most people do not buy a home simply to have a roof over their head. Rather, they look for something that reflects their values, ambitions and personal pursuits. Their emotions are stirred not by the acquisition of four walls and a roof. Rather, it is the desired lifestyle that such a purchase makes possible that drives the consumer to buy. Lifestyle web design is the skillful use of image and color to evoke the lifestyle yearnings of consumers.

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Emotions Matter in Online Marketing

For good reason, my lifestyle web design does more than inform the intellect. It touches the heart. By the use of images and color that mirror the lifestyle aspirations of the consumer, my web design makes a powerful emotional connection with the viewer.

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Lifestyle Real Estate Web Design

The images on this page feature a recent web design project for a real estate agent. The home page aims for the heart of home buyers with lifestyle settings that mirror what matters most to them. Spacious outdoor settings, hiking, open spaces for camping, picnics, and letting the dogs frolic. A place where the children can enjoy a beautiful outdoor environment. That is why the buy a house in my client's community. The emphasis on lifestyle in this real estate web design establishes a common ground with the viewer, letting them know that this website has what they are looking for.

Real estate websites too often focus on the wrong thing. Generic home page images of available properties and an extra large image of the smiling realtor. Yawn! That will not get the pulse racing! Show them the dreams that come with the house to reach their hearts!

My lifestyle website design can help you to win the hearts of your customers. Contact Don Peterson for a free no-obligation discussion of your web design needs!

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