Why Link-Building Schemes Won’t Help You in Google.

For the moment, try to think like Google. No, not Google the search engine. Think bigger than that. Think Google the search business that earned 45B in paid advertising on search results pages in 2014. What is the engine driving that business? Simple. High-quality search results.

When searchers get great results from free searches in Google, they are more likely to use the paid advertising on search results pages as well. Google is so obsessed with getting the best possible free search results that they pay a cavalry of PhD’s to find ways to make its search engine better.

Link Building - Don't Do It

Many webmasters assume that the more incoming links you have to your website the better. And, for a time, that was true. However, starting in 2012, Google rolled out the first Penguin update which directly targeted low quality, spammy, inbound links. Many websites saw their traffic dry up overnight as a result, and Google has been refining and tweaking the process ever since. The bottom line is this: Stop exchanging, buying or asking for links to your website just to build search engine traffic. Google sees it as a scheme, not a strategy, and will penalize your website for it.

Link Building - What Works

Of course, high-quality incoming links are an essential part of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. The best incoming links to your website are the ones you earn. You create content that is so good, people want to link to it. They voluntarily link to your content because they love it. Forbes Magazine suggests that you ask yourself four questions about the quality of your website content:

♦ Is it interesting?

♦ Does it provide real value?

♦ Can you imagine a real human being reading it and being interested and engaged?

♦ Or did you create all that text just to fill space?

Great content is content you would be willing to pay for. There are certain magazines or periodicals you purchase on a monthly basis because of the high quality of the content. Your website content, ideally, should be that good. A better long term strategy for content marketing is to write content that answers questions.

Most companies do not see the need to create interesting website content. As a result, their websites do little to stimulate interest in their business. Write great content, and your online visitors will become your most persistent advertisers. And, the incoming links will flow like a river…


Link Building – Don’t Do…