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Web design, like all marketing mediums, is above all, an appeal to the emotions of consumers. At its core, its prime motive is to convince potential customers to like you and your product. This visual medium will either attract or repel, raise viewer curiosity, or stifle interest. Because it is a visual medium, it taps into the most direct channel of communication to our emotions. Our Los Angeles Mobile Web Design is carefully crafted to engage the emotional core, "the heart" of your audience.

Los Angeles Mobile Web Design

Los Angeles Mobile Website Design that Motivates

As the second most populous city in the United States, and a major hub for professional, cultural, and media related businesses, Los Angeles, California demands world-class business-to-consumer web design. Frankly, the appeal we make to Los Angeles consumers is simple, yet, highly effective. Our web design strives to be engaging, hospitable and inviting. In this, it closely follows the emotional connections that are made in a pleasant face-to-face meeting. A warm smile, kindness in the eyes, an hospitable greeting ... These simple gestures are what makes an initial meeting memorable and appealing. Wouldn't you agree? We want to do business with people we like. That simple, honest appeal is at the core of our Los Angeles Mobile Web Design. It is the first step in creating a bond with a potential customer. Now, this may seem like a very simple thing to do. Yet, few designers really think about web design in such human terms. While the Internet is a technically driven medium, it is fundamentally just another way of communicating with people. Flesh and blood people, with feelings like ours. To reach them effectively, we must make this technical medium more emotional and human. Skillfully crafted emotional web design makes that possible.

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Reaching the Hearts of Los Angeles Consumers

How do we touch the hearts of Los Angeles consumers? By creating business-to-consumer web design that is likeable, warm and inviting, we appeal to the emotions of Los Angeles consumers. The sample websites seen on this page showcase our emotional web design. These are elegantly simple web designs, that are not technically intimidating. Content is easy to navigate, pages are clear and legible. Colors and images have a humanistic appeal. While the websites may be technically complex, the visual presentation is not. We design websites to be clear and inviting. Many websites try to "wow" the viewer with technical "bells and whistles" that often intimidate and confuse visitors. We focus on communicating your message in the most forthright and appealing way possible. As a result, our web design has a visual honesty that instills trust in consumers.

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One of the most powerful emotional tools we have at our disposal is color. We strive to use colors that compliment and reinforce the emotional virtues of our web design. With mobile web design, color becomes even more important, as it can create an emotional bond even in the confines of a small smartphone screen. Beyond that, we carefully choose each visual element in the web design wisely. It must support your products' message, not clutter it. By keeping the visual message clear, focused and simple, we connect quickly with the hearts of Los Angeles consumers.

Do Not "Dumb Down" Your Mobile Website!

Many web developers offer to create a simpler, "dumbed-down" version of your website just for smartphone users. Typically, it offers much less content, and basic contact information for your business. That is a big mistake. The smartphone is becoming the device of choice for consumers researching buying decisions. Smartphone consumers need just as much information as consumers visiting your website via a desktop/laptop computer! A fully "responsive" website that adapts to all Web-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktop/laptop computers insures that every bit of your website content is available to all consumers. Our Los Angeles Mobile Web Design uses only "responsive" web design technology for that reason. For good reason, Google recommends "responsive" web design as the best approach for search engine optimization and ranking.

Mobile Websites That Works for Los Angeles Businesses

Mobile devices such as smartphones are the most popular devices used by consumers to browse the Web. We can help you to upgrade and redesign your current website to meet the needs of smartphone equipped consumers. Visit my web design directory for more information and samples. Please call Don Peterson for a free consultation. We can help you to reach the hearts of more potential customers online!

Los Angeles Mobile Web Design