Market-Oriented Luxury Real Estate Web Design

Effective luxury real estate website design can only be done with a solid knowledge of the market you are seeking to attract. That knowledge drives the look and feel of a well designed international real estate website.This is especially so when designing a real estate website to attract a particular demographic. This freelance web design project was created to appeal to affluent homebuyers.

Luxury Real Estate Website Design - Mobile Friendly

One of the challenges of mobile-friendly real estate web design is ensuring that the overall persona of the website stays consistent when viewed on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. If the design is intended to appeal to an affluent or luxury market, for example, it should maintain that appeal even on the tiny screen of smartphones.The use of white space, the elegance of the typography, and the careful selection of images can do much to preserve the style and branding of a website no matter what mobile device it is viewed on.

Luxury Real Estate Web Design - Mobile Friendly - #2

We met that challenge in this web design for a group of real estate professionals located in Washington, D.C. The website we developed uses 'responsive' web design and is mobile friendly. However, it maintains its stylish 'museum quality' look on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Our client can be confident that the market they target is well served with this website.

Luxury Real Estate Web Design