Mobile-Friendly Manhattan Real Estate Web Design

It takes true grit to enter the Manhattan real estate market and become a top producer. And, when it comes to online real estate marketing, it can also be quite a bruising experience. New York City has the most competitive and focused real estate professionals on the planet!

Manhattan Mobile Real Estate Website Design - New York City

Manhattan real estate professionals know Search Engine Optimization and online content marketing better than many a website developer. To survive in this online market you must bring your best. If you are coming to play in this game with a weak strategy, you simply will not succeed.

Manhattan Real Estate Web Design

Therefore, when we were first engaged by our client, a savvy New York Real Estate pro, we developed a vision and a plan to ensure that our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing efforts would be sound and effective. This was just as important as the overall design of the website. We helped our client to develop a long-term content marketing strategy that would produce consistent gains in qualified search engine traffic over time. We made sure that the photos and all elements of our real estate web design were optimized with best-in-class SEO principles.

Mobile-Friendly Real Estate Web Design


We were also aware that by making the website Mobile-Friendly from the start, we were gaining a competitive edge over more established real estate websites in the Manhattan area that were not optimized for smartphones, iPhones, and tablets. For more than a year the handwriting was on the wall: Google would make mobile friendliness a key ranking factor in search results. We wanted to be ready and waiting to take advantage of this by having a fully 'responsive,' mobile-friendly website. We are now seeing the fruits of that early labor!

Here is news that every Manhattan real estate professional should hear. Google has stated that as of May 1st, 2015, more than 50% of all searches done in the United States and Canada are on smartphones and mobile devices. Mobile friendly real estate websites are no longer an option, they are a must if you want to remain competitive in the tough Manhattan (New York City) market!

Elegant Real Estate Web Design for a Well-Educated Market

Manhattan Real Estate Website Design

Presentation and style matter in Manhattan. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a recent Fast Company magazine interview noted, “Design does matter. And not necessarily in a way that people realize.” He was referring to citywide design. However, that principle applies as well to online marketing used to sell city properties!

In developing this Manhattan real estate web design, we had to match the top websites in 'The Big Apple' in style and execution. It was great to have a client who understands the value of aesthetics. While this real estate website is feature and content rich, it is well organized, legible and avoids the feeling of clutter.

Because of our close work with our client, this website generates qualified business leads and has become his prime marketing tool. As real estate web designers, that makes us very happy. Our ability to create a good-looking website is a given. We want to see our websites become hard-working marketing tools that benefit our clients and add to the bottom line. To be able to do that in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the world is quite satisfying! Contact Don Peterson to see how you can have an effective real estate web design for your business.

Manhattan Real Estate Web Design In the Media!

Special thanks to Mitchell Hall, the Corcoran Group, for mentioning our Manhattan Real Estate website design in his popular NYC Blog Estate Daily. I appreciate the good press!

Manhattan Real Estate Website Design in the media

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Manhattan Real Estate Web Design