Medical Spas are experiencing profitable growth!

One segment of the personal care industry currently experiencing impressive growth is the medical spa. It was a $1.9 billion industry in the United States in 2013. Sales are expected to exceed $3.6 billion nationwide in 2016 according to a study by Marketdata Enterprises, Inc.

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The range of services offered by medical spas fits the needs of busy consumers who want to look and feel their best. The growing list of services offered by these spas includes chemical peels, varicose vein treatment, tattoo removal, micropigmentation (permanent make-up), and more. Typically, these services are provided by nurses, physicians assistants, and aestheticians. Unlike spas and day spas, medical spas usually have oversight by a physician.

Consumers want to look young, and medical spas are focused on results. While the majority of clients are women, the number of men seeking services is increasing and now accounts for 20-25 percent of typical medical spa customers. Most female clients are aged 50-65, but there is an increase in younger clients. “It’s baby boomers who are still working, still active and they want to maintain their looks and keep looking young and vibrant. The other group are Gen X and Y who are about preventing wrinkles. They don’t want to ever have wrinkles." -Springfield News Leader

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My Medical Spa Web Design Services

To market effectively, medical spa website design must mirror the emotional values and lifestyle ambitions of the spa consumer. They want to look good in their professional and personal life. They care deeply about aesthetics. And they are willing to pay for results. My web design captures the hearts of medical spa consumers by focusing on what matters most, healthy skin that looks great.

Smartphone Compatibility

Since most consumers use smartphones to research buying decisions, it is important that the presentation on a smartphone be every bit as appealing as it would be on a desktop computer. My medical spa web design is crisp, clean and elegant, with an appeal that is not diminished on smartphones or iPhones. Your business looks its best on any mobile device.

Finally, this web design offers all the functionality you need. You can easily edit and add content using the WordPress content management system. Social Media tools are included that encourage visitors to like, tweet, and pin your web pages in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. A newsletter subscription tool encourages visitors to sign up to receive emails regarding your special offers. This is a website that looks good and works hard for your medical spa!

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Medical Spa Website Design