Savvy Travelers Want Mobile-Friendly Services

Perhaps no group of consumers demands more mobile friendly services than travelers. They want to book flights, hotels and rent cars instantly, any time of the day or night, on their smartphone. They also expect restaurant reviews, destination guides, and other relevant information to be only a search engine keyword away.

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However, while travel consumers demand much of mobile friendly travel websites, they also offer greater rewards. According to a 2014 Travel Flash Report, the average booking value on mobile devices was 21 percent higher than the average booking on desktop computers. Mobile travel bookers also spent 13 percent more on average on car rentals.

Mobile Friendly Travel Websites

How To Build A Mobile-Friendly Travel Website

Travel websites can offer a much better (and more profitable) shopping experience for travel consumers by being optimized for mobile use. How your travel website functions on a smartphone or iPhone takes priority over its "look and feel" on desktop computers. Smart travel websites are designed for Mobile first. According to Google, as of 2015, more than 50% of all worldwide search is done on smartphones alone. This requires that the full functionality and content of your website be made available to smartphone equipped consumers. It is the one device they have with them at all times, especially when traveling!

Social Media Is A Travel Professional's Best Online Friend

You need only to take a casual look as the most popular photographs on Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook to see how popular travel photos and images are. Savvy travel agencies use the power and visual appeal of Social Media to reach an enthusiastic and engaged audience. A well-designed mobile travel website is optimized for maximum exposure in Social Media. Contact Don Peterson at for a free evaluation of your travel website. This can help you to see what Social Media tools are best for your travel services, and how to implement them.

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We have been designing mobile friendly travel websites exclusively for more than two years. While our travel websites are beautiful and offer an immersive visual experience on desktop computers, the full functionality of the website is also available on all smartphones and tablets. We insure that the needs of smartphone travelers are met in such a way that they never feel a need to switch to the desktop version of the website.

Oh, One More Thing, Make It Snappy!

One feature of our mobile friendly travel websites that consumers love are the fast-loading pages. We use the same Content Delivery Systems (CDN) employed by big online retailers to insure that even graphics intensive pages load quickly on mobile 3G and 4G networks commonly used by mobile-phone service providers.

Our mobile-friendly travel websites are visually appealing, fast-loading, and full-featured.

Mobile Friendly Travel Web Design