How Do Consumers Use Mobile Phones In the Shopping Process?

A recent study conducted in a partnership between Google and Nielsen helps us to better understand how the Mobile Web and smartphones play a central role in the buying decisions and habits of modern consumers. From initial research to the final buying decision, Mobile phones are playing a larger role than ever.

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Here are five key findings revealed in this study:

♥ consumers are spending time researching on their smartphones (15+ hours a week)
♥ consumer research starts with a search engine (vs. a mobile site or app)
♥ proximity to local businesses is important (69% expect businesses to be within five miles of their location)
♥ immediacy is key (more than half want to purchase within the hour)
♥ mobile influences their purchase decisions (93% go on to buy).

If you have a retail business that serves consumers directly, the conclusions drawn from this study are clear. Your business website needs to be Mobile-Web ready. By using responsive web design, you ensure that all information on your website is accessible through smartphones, tablets, and other mobile web devices. To see the full study, visit Google: Mobile Path to Purchase.

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