Reach Eager Home-Buyers on Their Smartphones

Home-buyers have gone mobile. Have you? Real estate professionals need the best solution for reaching smartphone-dependent home-buyers. The common smartphone is now the first home search tool of choice for consumers. What is the best way to reach these home-buyers on the one Web-enabled device that is with them at all times?

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Responsive Mobile Real Estate Web Design

Put simply, Google recommends having a “responsive” website, that serves the same web pages to all devices, from smartphone to tablet to desktop computer. By using “responsive technology” (CSS), the web pages adapt automatically to the screen dimensions of every device used to view it, from smartphone to tablet to laptop. This is the best approach to meeting the needs of mobile home-buyers and search engine compatibility. However, it is not the solution many web designers are offering real estate professionals.

Responsive Web Design Is a 'One-Size Fits All' Mobile Solution

Many web designers offer to build a secondary website just for Mobile Web devices like smartphones and tablets. Here are four reasons why that is not the best, or most competitive approach:

♦ Your online real estate clients must now remember the address of two websites, one for viewing on a desktop or laptop computer, and the other for viewing with a smartphone or tablet.

♦ A secondary mobile website may not offer all of the information and features built into your main website. That limits the usability of your website on smartphones.

♦ Having two websites with duplicate content may result in a lower search engine ranking from Google. That means fewer people will see your website.

♦ A second Mobile-only website obligates you to maintain and update content on two websites (instead of one).

It is in your long-term best interests as a real estate professional in a competitive market to use the best tools available to you. That means having a single “responsive” website as Google suggests. We follow Google’s suggestion and offer you only the best solution to online real estate marketing. Your full-featured real estate website will meet the needs of all Mobile home-buyers, and will be optimized for the best possible search engine ranking in Google.

Real Estate Website Design for Mobile

Smartphone/Mobile Friendly Real Estate Website Design

The images on this page show samples of our responsive mobile real estate web design. We work with our real estate clients not only to build beautiful, appealing websites that perform well in search engines and produce business leads.

Mobile Real Estate Web Design

Responsive Property Management Website Design

Our responsive real estate websites have helped our clients to rank highly for prime keywords and search terms in Google. In addition, they have been successful online marketers, generating new business for our real estate clients. Please contact Don Peterson for more information about mobile real estate web design.

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