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Just a scant few years ago, the very idea of a Mobile Website Design Directory was unnecessary. Yet, consumers have made it a necessity in the year 2015. More than 50% of all Web search traffic in the United States and Canada now comes from mobile smartphones Amazing, isn't it! This directory is devoted to providing inspiration and ideas that can help you to reach more mobile customers.

Mobile Website Design Directory

Consider this scenario: You see a potential customer stop briefly on the street near your shop, and enter a few hasty keystrokes in her smartphone. What is she doing? Most likely, she (or he) is searching for information about a business on your street. Maybe your business... What are your hours, price range, product lines, special offers... She wants to know more about your business before setting foot into your shop. And, she are ready to purchase. However, that raises an important question: Is your business easily accessible on her smartphone?

That is the question this mobile website design directory is designed to answer. I have helped small business owners just like you to reach new customers on the device they keep with them at all times, a smartphone. Here is an overview of some of my favorite Mobile Website Design projects, with a brief explanation of the process and strategy behind it. I am accepting new projects! Contact Don Peterson at for more details.

Mobile Web Design Directory - Manhattan Real Estate

Manhattan Real Estate Website Design

Creating Manhattan real estate website design is a challenge. In order to stand out, you must bring a high level of creative design along with superb attention to detail. Every facet of the website’s performance, from real estate listing and search tools to social media features must be optimized for one of the toughest real estate markets in the world. Search optimization has to be expertly done to compete in this crowded market. In addition, Manhattan real estate web design must be fully ‘responsive,’ able to make a compelling presentation on everything from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers.

This web design was recently completed for a top Manhattan real estate agent. I created a compelling web design, and added top quality tools to satisfy the new home buyer. In addition, the website has a full Content Management System that allows my client to easily add content, property listings and blog posts on any computer with Web-access. I worked closely with the client to develop a Search Engine Optimization strategy that works in a crowded market. Like a proud dad, I have been a part of the birth and growth of this successful website.

Mobile Website Design Directory - Home Improvement

Home Improvement Website Design

With more and more consumers using smartphones to research buying decisions, it is vital that home improvement contractors have websites that showcase their skills in the best possible way on all devices, from smartphones to tablets and beyond. I created this compelling home improvement website design to showcase my client’s work. It entertains the eyes of potential customers with appealing images and bold design. The images automatically scale to fit any device used to view the website, and offers an appealing online marketing tool for my client.

Mobile website design directory - e-commerce

Responsive Web Design For E-Commerce

More than 50% of all web browsing by consumers is now done on smartphones. Responsive e-commerce web design provides the best solution for reaching online customers regardless of the mobile device they use to browse the Web. The image above shows a recent responsive e-commerce web design I developed for a jewelry boutique. This website design adapts instantly to all devices from smartphones to tablets, laptops to desktop computers, insuring that all consumers can browse and purchase from our clients product line. The clean design puts the emphasis on my clients beautiful jewelry collection.

mobile website design - portfolio

Web Design Portfolio

This recently completed responsive web design portfolio not only features recent Mobile-Web compatible website design projects, it is itself a model of smartphone-ready responsive web design. This portfolio showcases business-to-consumer websites that appeal to potential customers through the use of emotional web design and the human touch. The layout is simple, easy-to-navigate, and visually inviting. It good looks are equally impressive on smartphones and desktop computers.

mobile website design directory - sample 3

Virginia Real Estate Website Design

This beautiful mobile website design was created for a Virginia small business specializing in farm properties and estate sales. It is a warm and engaging web design with “the human touch.” For a certainty, anyone who loves horses or equestrian sports will find much in common with this website. However, this mobile website is not a “pretty face” only! It has a well chosen set of interactive tools that allow potential clients to search a constantly updated list of farm properties offered by our client. Its clear, legible, and appealing website design is equally effective on desktop computers and smartphones.

wedding - mobile website design directory

Wedding Web Design for Mobile Web

We love to create emotional Wedding Website Design for Mobile Web that touches the heart of consumers on smartphones and desktop computers! This recent addition to our Mobile Website Design Portfolio captures the attention of brides-to-be with captivating photos and compelling color. It was designed for a travel professional that specializes in creating travel packages for destination weddings and honeymoons.

Can I Help You?

My growing Mobile Website Design Directory reflects my intense desire to help small businesses to get the most from online marketing. I can help you to meet the challenges of this new market with value-priced, effective website design. All websites featured in this Mobile Website Design Portfolio have been designed by Don Peterson, Freelance Mobile Web Designer. I am accepting new projects! Call for a free consultation and price quote.

Mobile Website Design Directory