For 2016 You Need Mobile!

What makes a mobile website designer so essential in 2016? Consumers. Consumers have decided that the device they will most often use to browse the Web will be a smartphone, iPhone or tablet. Therefore, meeting consumer demand means giving them mobile-friendly website design. Admittedly, mobile website design is still in its infancy. However, it is well-equipped to meet the current demands of savvy, smartphone equipped consumers.

Mobile Website Designers

A good mobile website designer understands the limitations of designing for a tiny smartphone screen. It demands making clarity and legibility a key objective in planning your website. Font sizes, page loading speed, and contrast that enhances legibility are design elements that an experienced Mobile Web Designer will consider to insure the best possible presentation on all mobile devices.

Although mobile websites are inherently more complex, they can be built on Content Management platforms like WordPress that allow you to easily edit and add content in a simple interface.

Mobile Website Design Samples

Artists Portfolio Website Design - Mobile Friendly

web design portfolio - mobile-friendly


The Limits and Benefits of Mobile Website Design

There are limitations in designing for the mobile world. With responsive web design (the best way to build a mobile website according to Google) you simply cannot design the elaborate, pixel perfect web pages that were common only a couple of years ago. With responsive websites many of the page elements shift position and change in size and proportion to accommodate all sorts of mobile device screens. As a result, mobile web design must be simplified to meet the requirements of mobile technology. The beauty of responsive websites is their ability to adapt to just about any mobile device screen on the market and in the near future.

Consumers have spoken. You need mobile website design! At, 100% of the websites we currently develop are mobile-friendly. Call Don Peterson for a free consultation regarding your mobile-friendly web design needs.

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