Home Broadband Access Dropped Slightly in 2015

More Consumers Rely On Smartphones for Online Access

There is a Pew Research Center study released on December 21, 2015, that outlines a distinct trend in consumer use of smartphones for online access. In 2015, home broadband use by consumers dropped from 70% of all American households to 67%. This small drop is significant and is concurrent with the increase in “smartphone-only” adults – those who own a smartphone that they can use to access the Internet, but do not have traditional broadband service at home.

Pew Research - decline in home broadband users

The study provides a list of reasons why this shift has occurred:

For most consumers cost is a big issue. However, the rise in smartphone only broadband consumers in all income groups suggests that increasingly, they are finding that a smartphone meets all of their online needs. 13% of Americans are “smartphone only” – up from 8% in 2013.

smartphone-only consumers

What should business owners take away from this study?

First, it makes very clear that the use of smartphones for online access by consumers is accelerating. More than half of all consumers now access your business website on a smartphone. Expect that figure to rise in 2016. This highlights how important it is to have a Mobile compatible business-to-consumer website. Your website must be able to fulfill consumer expectations on a smartphone, or you may lose business to competitors who offer a more usable smartphone experience. Contact Don Peterson at Webdesignportfolio.us for help in making your website smartphone ready.

Follow this link to read the full Pew Research Center "Home Broadband 2015" study.