More Freelance Projects

This page features more of my web design portfolio samples from the past decade. As a freelance web designer, I have created online marketing solutions for nearly every type of consumer-oriented business. These examples highlight some of my favorite projects. You will see what the client objective was with each project, and how the objective was met.

beauty products website design

Beauty Products Website

This web design was developed for a cosmetics company that marketed a line of popular Japanese cosmetics in the United States. I created a design that emphasized the beauty and wellness virtues of these products. The design borrows simple visual elements from Japanese culture and merges them with a Western influence.

E-Commerce Web Design

Here is a sample of a recent e-commerce web design. The client sought a clean, elegant look that would be suitable for the designer collection of jewelry and collectibles offered by his exclusive boutique. The solution uses a minimalist design that puts the spotlight on my client's art and jewelry.

web design portfolio examples #8

More Samples From My Portfolio