My Start As A Freelance Web Designer

There is a saying that 'you never forget your first love.' Well, I never forgot my first paid web design project! It happened twenty years ago. After the popularity of my "Paris My Love" travelogue website, I got a call from a Long Island, NYC based business seeking a website for their cigar/gift shop. They sold high-end Barbour all-weather coats, Queen Lace Crystal and Davidoff cigars to those who had a taste for good things in the British tradition.

First Web Design Assignment

The website was created using html 1.0 in Adobe PageMill, a brand new wysiwyg web design software that had been introduced that same year, 1995. This was arguably the first commercial product available for building websites. I stuck to two a two-color palette from the 256 safe-color palette available for web design at the time, and used .gif files cut-up into table cells to create the page layout. The photos were scanned from a Barbour catalog using an $89 Canon flatbed scanner. The content uses Arial, one of the two fonts available to web designers at the time. Its amazing how many limitations we had in designing beautiful websites at that time. Yet, if you were determined to be creative they were not too daunting.

first web design job

The website was all of four pages, and provided my first paycheck as a web designer, and the first entry in my web design portfolio. I think the design still looks fresh after all these years. What do you think? Visit my freelance web design portfolio page to see more of my current projects.

My First Paid Web Design Project