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I worked in New York City's Fashion District for a few years (when it really was the Fashion District). It was not uncommon, especially during lunchtime, to see top fashion designers like Oscar De La Renta, Bill Blass, and Ralph Lauren, among others on the street in and around 7th Avenue. What surprised me was the fact that many top designers did not wear the clothes they were designing for the public. They seemingly ignored the fads and fashion of the moment (that they were often promoting) and were typically attired in a far more tasteful, timeless and restrained way.

Timeless, Elegant Website Design Style

PetersonStyle. That's the phrase I coined as a young man for the impeccable sense of personal style that many of these seasoned designers had. The term 'PetersonStyle' simply means any element of style that meets my personal standard. Among celebrities, Cary Grant had 'PetersonStyle,' so did Fred Astaire.  Their suits and accessories were well made and understated. They were stylish, yes, and deliberately so. Yet, they stood the test of time, looking appropriate year in and year out. No matter how garish the styles became that were sold to the masses, their personal sense of style remained elegant, restrained and enduring. That influence had an enormous impact on my path as a freelance web designer. It taught me the value of good taste, and to avoid being enslaved to the fads of the moment. Choose what has proven aesthetics and value. I've decided that good web design should always be tasteful, appropriate, and 'well tailored.' It should have 'PetersonStyle.'

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My Personal Philosophy on Good Web Design

When I think of what makes for good web design, human qualities such as charm, good manners, taste, warmth, and kindness come to mind. We appreciate these qualities in other people, especially when meeting them for the first time. Likewise, I strongly believe that good web design can exhibit these human qualities in a visual way. It is what we often refer to as emotional web design.

When I design a website, I want the visitor to feel welcome, warmly accepted, and at ease. I want them to find pleasure in the 'space' of the website. Although the Web is the product of technology and software code, it can be given a human face in how it communicates to people. That is what I do. I create web design that is warm, friendly and motivating without being shocking, titillating or profane. I cannot design in a way that offends my personal principles and standards. I like and respect people of all backgrounds, and that should be evident in how people are portrayed and addressed in my web design.That is a fundamental principle of 'PetersonStyle.'

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Finally, I do not look to the work of other web designers for inspiration as much as I derive inspiration from print and graphic design.  These design disciplines have been around for centuries and offer a far more mature and refined body of work, especially when it comes to conveying emotion and the human touch through a communication medium. The work of modern graphic design masters including Paul Rand, Reid Miles, and Milton Glaser are among my favorites. See samples of my work in my web design portfolio.

So, that is my web design philosophy. 'PetersonStyle.' Hopefully, you will find it appealing!

My Design Philosophy