Webdesignportfolio.us is the web design studio of Don Peterson. For more than fifteen years, Don has been creating emotional website design to suit a wide range of nationally based small to mid-sized business. Don began his creative career working for top advertising agencies in New York City as a graphic designer.

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The migration to web design started as a hobby in the early days of the Internet. A personal travelogue website Don created about Paris, France (more than thirteen years ago) was awarded by Netscape the distinction of “Cool Site of the Day.” That award gave his web design skills national recognition. Don began to receive a stream of requests for web design services from businesses nationwide as a result of that award. So much so, that he decided to leave advertising and start a boutique web design studio.

Since that day, I have established a track record of creating web design with a warm, engaging, human touch. This web design portfolio shows samples of my work, with a focus on recent projects that use responsive web design technology to ensure compatibility with all Mobile Web devices including smartphones and portable tablets.

My Web Design Studio Principles

My web design studio operates on a clear set of principles to ensure our clients success:

♥ Design for real people—the consumers who buy your clients products, not for the recognition of industry peers.

♥ Web design is emotional, and must inform the intellect as well as touch the heart.

♥ The art of design must always be subordinate to the interests of your clients services or products.

Today, Don Peterson maintains a small New York City web design studio with a satellite location in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Please contact Don Peterson for consumer-oriented web design services that meets the needs of small businesses nationally.

My Web Design Studio