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December is typically a slow month for web design. Most of my clients are focused on holiday activities and vacations. Most are not thinking about website design, and who can blame them! I usually use the latter part of November and early December for sprucing up my portfolio, writing new content and thinking of web design strategies and ideas for the coming year. Here are a few highlights:

best web design december 2015

Bicycle Shop Website Design

This is an HTML website I designed for bike shops. Because it is pre-designed, it allows me to offer bicycle shop owners a great looking website at a budget price. It is fully mobile compatible and perfect for start-up bicycle shops and custom bicycle makers. Visit the post "Bicycle Shop Website Design" or more information on this special web design.

bicycle shop website design

Used Car Dealer Website Design

This website is intended to offer a full-featured solution for used car dealers who want to display and market their inventory online. Built on the WordPress platform, this website makes it easy for small business owners to make a professional online presentation of used cars. In addition to building this website, I also provide training and support to help car dealers to get the most from this powerful, yet budget-priced website.

used car dealer web design

Commercial Real Estate Web Design

This project was recently developed for a commercial real estate brokerage. It merges appealing real estate web design with a solid 'back-end' database developed to showcase the commercial properties on offer by my client. I added a number of features that would prove useful to commercial agents as they meet with clients in the field. Each online listing can be printed as a .pdf format flyer that agents can leave with clients. There are virtual walk-throughs of online properties and video tours. An online blog provides up-to-date news and content. Because this website runs on WordPress, it was easy to train my clients staff to maintain the website.

commercial real estate website design

Make Website Photos Look Their Best!

Nothing can drag down the look of a business website more than poor quality photos. In this article, I show the basic steps that anyone can take to improve the quality of photos used on their websites and blogs. Using any photo-editing software, exposure correction, resizing, color enhancement and sharpening techniques are shown that will improve the look of your website photography.

tips for better website photos

Food Truck Website Design

Food trucks have become quite common in nearly every city in the US. It is a great way to sample a wide range of cuisines on a modest budget. I wanted to create a food truck web design that would meet the special needs and budget of food truck owners. Well, here it is! This food truck website is great for food truck startups, and the perfect compliment for a Facebook or Twitter account maintained by food truck owners. And, the price is right!

food truck website design - mobile

Branch Brook Park Website Redesign

The last time I updated the design of my Branch Brook Park website was in 2006. Needless to say, it was sorely in need of an update in order to be mobile friendly. Well, I have finally completed the redesign of this labor of love. Branch Brook Park in Essex County, New Jersey (USA) is home to the annual Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival where nearly 5000 cherry blossom trees put on a lovely display each April. It is one of the most beautiful natural displays in the New York metropolitan area and one of my favorite events for photography.

cherry blossoms, Branch Brook Park

My Best Real Estate Websites

Over the years, I have designed more websites for real estate than any other industry. I focus on creating real estate web design that taps into the lifestyle and emotional aspirations of home buyers. This appeals to home buyers more than seeing another generic property search website.

best real estate web design 2015

You Need This Tool If You Create Online Content!

For the past month, I've been using Grammarly to spell and grammar-check all of my articles and posts. I recommended this as one of my top SEO tools this month. The more I use it, the more I appreciate it. It has helped me to become a better writer by reminding me of the rules of grammar that we tend to forget over time. Grammarly has a free version that you can use to check WordPress posts as you write them. Highly recommended!A

Has Web Design Become Boring?

There have been a few viral posts of late that take a sentimental view of what web design once was. Some say that is has become boring of late. Is that so? Well, I was there in the early days. Web design was not a pretty thing back then. If you need a few reminders of how bad it was in the early days of the Web, read my article and take a trip back to the 'good old days' of web design.

Has web design become boring?

What's New In My Web Design Portfolio

Truthfully, what's new is old this month in my web design portfolio. I have decided to merge my two portfolio websites into one. I loved the design of both, but the task of maintaining both and keeping quality high is simply too time-consuming. Like all of my web design projects, I've grown attached to the design, so it will be missed. Here is the cover of my sister website that is being merged into

My other web design portfolio

Website Redesign Inspiration

Sometimes my best web design inspiration comes from the most unlikely places. Here's one example: In a fit of creative madness I decided to use the art the Old Masters to illustrate the theme "Mobile has Become King" for my mobile website design portfolio. I think it looks so cool! What do you think?

website redesign inspiration #1



An Exciting New Spa Website Design

I love to design spa websites. This is my favorite type of design. Good spa website design has emotional values, touching the heart of potential customers. Learn more about my recent spa website design this post.

spa website design

So, there you have it. My top web design projects, articles, and tips for December 2015. Contact me, Don Peterson, for your next website design or redesign. I offer a free website evaluation and no-obligation discussion of your website needs. Call or use the contact page to reach me. Ciao!

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