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For good, fairly cheap eats, walk along Rue Mouffetard, lots of price fixe meals, not as much a tourist trap as other areas.

Directions by Metro: Maubert/Mutualite station. Go up St. Genevieve, which changes into Rue Des Cartes which changes into Rue Mouffetard. Up near the Pantheon. Its an uphill walk. Haven't had a chance to find a closer metro stop.

Also: Metro: St. Michel. Face the monument in the center of the road. On the left you will see a tabac, cafe. Stay on Blvd. St. Michel. Just a bit past theater, there is a small alley, road, no cars there, just filled with price fixe restaurants for several blocks. Lots of Greek, but many other flavors. Lot of younger people there. We usually go to one or the other when we are there.

Also just a block from Deux Magots, which is pricey, there is Rue Benoit. There is Cafe Benoit and one next door, a little more money. About 100ff without dessert or wine. Good food. Sierrakh@aol.com

Someone mentioned the rue Mouffetard for cheap fixed price meals. The rue Mouffetard is one of Paris' better food shopping streets.

Perhaps better than lunch in a cheap restaurant, would be to shop the rue for bread, charcuterie, cheese, pastry, etc. and have yourself a picnic.

If you don't want to stop or can't find a place to picnic, there are plenty of things in the charcuterie or patisserie that can be eaten out of hand as you walk.

Then stop in a cafe for a drink, or rather a bar for a drink. Save the cafe table for when you have time to sit and people watch. The drink is more expensive at a cafe table than at the bar, and it's only worth it if you're going to stay and relax for a while, especially if you're on a budget.

World Table by Robert Buxbaum

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