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Health Tips:
There are no inoculations needed to enter France. A medical checkup is required for non-European Nationals if you plan to stay more than three months.

There are no health risks from eating in France and the tap water is drinkable. If you plan to buy prescription drugs have your doctor use the generic name as brand names vary according to country.

If you think you may need a physician while in Paris, the following may be useful:
The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers, 417 Center St., Lewiston, NY 14092. Tel: 716 754 4883 can provide a free worldwide list of approved physicians and clinics whose training meets American and British standards.


Hospitals in Paris

The public hospitals in Paris are listed in the phone book under Hopitaux. A centrally located one is the Hotel Dieu just outside of Notre Dame. All hospitals have a 24 hour emergency room service (urgences) and specialty doctors in all fields.

Payment for hospital services is generally settled on the spot. If you are hospitalized ask to see the assistante sociale to process reimbursement through your health insurance carrier.

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