Web design that engages the senses.

This website design, for a physical therapy center located in the Chicago, IL area, embodies some of my favorite color principles. We took two of the favorite colors of our client, and made them the primary color palette for this physical therapy website. The colors and images are muted, and softly suggest the range of services offered by our client. While this is a physical therapy center, it has more of a spa-like environment rather than a "sports-medicine" emphasis. Our web design was designed with that spa-like focus in mind, as well as having an aesthetic appeal to the predominantly female clientele for this business.

physical therapy website design #1

As with many of our consumer oriented websites, we focus on the emotional aspects of web design. After all, our visitors are flesh and blood, with feelings. The emotional qualities embodied in our web design play a critical role in their acceptance and effectiveness. The design is friendly, comforting, and inviting, while projecting the professionalism of our client. More of my Chicago web design can be seen here.

physical theraphy website design - sample 2

Our emphasis on emotional content in web design lends itself to consumer services. We can help your business to reach and motivate the desired audience with web design that touches the heart.

Physical Therapy Website Design