Google normally provides little advance warning of the changes it makes in its search engine algorithms and ranking factors. However, this past April 21st algorithm update (2015) was heralded clearly and with plenty of advance warning by Google. Specifically, they announced that as of April 21, 2015, mobile compatibility is a significant website search ranking factor. Mobile compatible websites are now given priority in mobile search results.

Mobile Friendly

Google's intent is simple. Make it easier for users of mobile devices (smartphones, iPhones and tablets) to find websites optimized for use on mobile devices. It is estimated that more than 60% of all searches done in Google are on mobile devices. Google is intent on giving consumers what they search for.

Now website owners who have not taken steps to ensure that their sites are mobile-ready can expect to have their mobile rankings hit hard. For businesses receiving steady customers from Internet searches, this can result in a major drop in traffic and income.

How To Prepare for a Mobile Friendly World

Mobile-only sites may be a "quick fix" but it is not the best way of fixing the issue. Google recommends 'responsive' website design. Responsive web design provides a single website that automatically adjusts to the size screen that it is displayed upon.

A mobile-friendly website will help to preserve your website search ranking and visibility in Google. As is true in the real world, so it is online, being friendly has its rewards.

Preparing for a Mobile Friendly Worl…