Klaus Priebe is one of the top landscape photographers working in the southwestern United States. His award-winning photography of the colorful vistas of New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah have been honored internationally. I was deeply honored when Klaus asked me to create an e-commerce website that features his compelling art photography.

Professional Photographer Website Design

Focus on the Photographer, Not the Web Design

When creating this online portfolio, my first objective was to ensure that my web design focuses on the work of the photographer. Portfolio web design works best by fading into the background, letting the photographer's art take center stage. To that end, I choose a clean elegant design with a simple layout that compliments each piece featured in the portfolio.

Photographer Website Design - Klaus Priebe

E-Commerce Enabled for Selling Prints

This is an e-commerce website designed to market the photographers prints. When it comes to e-commerce, reliability, security and ease-of-use ensures that the website owner can make full use of the website. I use proven e-commerce tools that can be trusted as the foundation for the website. Also, the e-commerce tools are customized for the purpose of selling prints in various sizes and media. In addition, the website contains a blog and Social Media tools that strengthen Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

E-Commerce Photographer Website Design

The end result is a website that does a great job of marketing and selling my clients photography. Truthfully, his amazing landscape photos sell themselves. This website makes that process more efficient and effective! See more of my freelance web design projects here. See this project in my Behance portfolio.

Professional Photographer Website De…