Women are the engine of the global economy.

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Woman are the prime audience we design for when creating business-to-consumer websites. In the United States alone, women drive 80% of consumer spending. This will become an even bigger factor as we move into a mobile-friendly world where most of the consumer research for buying decisions will be done on smartphones. Here too, women are in the lead. Women visit more websites than men, they use Facebook more often. They are also much more likely to follow a brand online for deals. It stands to reason, therefore, that business-to-consumer websites must meet the needs of women. What are some of the factors to consider when creating websites for women? Here are some things to consider:

They ask more questions.

Women drive the decisions made in purchases for the home and family. They do the detailed online research needed to find the best values and quality for their family. A website that meets the needs of women provides the answers needed during product research. Businesses should anticipate and consider the questions women ask regarding their products and provide answers online.

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Style and Design Matters

You must give careful thought to the quality of presentation and the emotional components of your web design. Appealing color choices, clean legible layouts, and appropriate style matter in your online marketing. Make the website feel hospitable and warm. Your choice of images and the spirit they convey really matters. Don't skimp on the quality of presentation.

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Make It Practical and Helpful

A strident sales pitch is not enough. Show the benefits of the product and creative ideas for its use.

Get Their Opinion

Finally, get the feedback of female consumers on your web design and its various components. Adjust as needed. You will find that both in business and in the home, an enthusiastic endorsement of your website by key women in the decision-making process becomes your best salesperson.

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Finally, Women Are on Mobile Devices

60 percent of women name their mobiles (smartphones) as the most important devices in their lives, according to a study by Time, Inc. They use smartphones in all phases of the shopping process, from initial research to final purchase. If you want to reach women online, be certain that your website is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.

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Reaching Women on Mobile