One way to drive qualified home-buyers to your real estate website is with banner ads. This is particularly effective when you are targeting a niche market by advertising on websites catering to the lifestyle interests of that market. Well designed banner advertising campaigns establish a common-ground with potential homebuyers by reflecting their interests. Here are banner ads custom-designed with that strategy in mind for one of my real estate clients:

Real Estate Banner Ad Design

Banner Ads That Reach The Right Market

I designed these banner ads for a real estate agent specializing in horse farms and equestrian estates. They are used to advertise her services on a website that caters to equestrian sport enthusiasts. The banner ads have appealing images that capture the eye and interests of home buyers looking for properties that support their equestrian lifestyle.

Real Estate Banner Ad #1These banner ads use a simple gif animation to show two striking visuals that are sure to capture the attention of anyone with an interest in all things equine. The visuals were selected for their emotional content and lifestyle appeal. Because these ads link to my clients real estate website, the text offers just the essentials. With three options provided, my client can test the effectiveness of each one. The key to effective banner ads lies in the emotional appeal of the visuals. They must 'tug at the heart strings' of the intended audience instantly.

Google Marketing states that effective banner ads must be "eye-catching, timely, and personalized."

Here are three key principles that guide effective banner marketing according to Google Marketing. Each of these principles can be seen in these ads:

Real Estate Banner Ad #21. Be compelling. Banner ads have to be eye-catching enough to attract attention. Only then does your marketing message have the opportunity to break through. Things like animation, the use of faces, brand colors, and clear text help banner ads stand out.

2. Be concise. At any given moment, someone might see a banner ad and only pay attention to it for a moment. In that moment, be concise to make sure your message sticks.

3. Be clear. Banner ads tend to be relatively small, so you don't always have a lot of space to work with. Don't try to say too much; the ad may just end up looking cluttered. Instead, clearly communicate a single marketing message about a single product. The need for clarity goes for call-to-actions, too.

Banner Ad Design for Real EstateOptions For Getting the Best Results

By giving our client three banner ad choices, each with a different visual focus, she can test which is most effective. The first ad has a purely equine theme. The second ad has a more sporting equestrian appeal, and the third features a warmer, family oriented setting. By testing the results of each ad, my client can finely tune her marketing efforts and results.

As Google emphasizes, the success of a banner ad campaign comes down to creative quality. I take great pleasure in helping my small business clients to create compelling banner ad campaigns with first-class marketing appeal. Contact me for your next banner ad campaign!



Real Estate Banner Ad Design