A Common SEO Mistake on Real Estate Websites

Often, individual real estate agents working for large corporate real estate companies and franchises are provided with fresh content on a monthly basis by those companies for blogs and local realtor websites. There's one major problem with that. Most real estate agents 'cut and paste' that post to their website without any changes so that the same exact article appears on hundreds or even thousands of real estate websites. That's bad! Google sees it as duplicate content. As a result, it passes no search engine ranking value to any of the websites it is used on. Here's a real estate website SEO tip that can fix this problem and enhance your search engine visibility!

Real Estate Website SEO Tip

Below is a copy of an email I sent to one of my real estate web design clients. It shows how to make your content unique and to customize it in a way that confers the maximum Search Engine Optimization. Read on!

Hi Bridget,

Hope all is well with you and Dan! Like I always do, I check on the websites I have created for my clients to see if there are any suggestions I can pass on for better Search Engine Optimization. May I share a couple of tips that will help your blog posts to contribute to better SEO? In your recent post "Instant Home Makeovers" it appears that you are using content that is also used by many other real estate websites. Plus, the content does not contain relevant keywords that can help search engines direct more traffic to your Colorado real estate website. For example:

A Powerful Tip For Improving Your Real Estate SEO!

The title "Instant Home Makeovers" is too generic. It may be better to use a title like "Instant Home Makeovers for Colorado Home Buyers". This targets the post for the all-important Colorado home buyers that you want to find your website. It shows Google and other search engines who your target market is (Colorado home buyers) and makes it more likely that they will find that post in a search result.

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You can strengthen your keyword use (Colorado Home Buyer) by also editing the wording in the first paragraph of that post. For example: The first sentence of the first paragraph currently states: "Spring is a great time for instant home makeovers." You may edit that sentence to read "Spring is a great time for Colorado home buyers to consider instant home makeovers." Secondly, make the words "Colorado home buyers" a link to your home search page or home page. This is a great way to ensure that your posts will appear in search results for people looking for homes in your specific market. By making edits like this that are naturally worded (use variations of your keywords in other posts) you strengthen the overall Search Engine Optimization for your website.

One final tip. If you are using a post that contains content that is likely to be used by a number of other realtors, take a few moments to edit the wording so that it is not an exact duplicate of what may appear on hundreds of other websites. Rewrite the article with your own wording. This ensures that Google sees it as original content, a very important way to get the best ranking possible for that post.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.



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