The benefits of professional home staging are well known to real estate brokers. "Agents... say staging can usually help a home sell faster, and for a higher price, offering a larger return on the investment." - The Art of Staging, New York Times

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The value of home staging has been proven, but what about real estate website staging? Can it produce similar benefits for real estate websites? As a web designer specializing in real estate websites for nearly two decades, I say that the answer is yes! What happens to homes over time, invariably happens to realtor websites. They become cluttered and begin to look tired and dated. Often content and features are added to the website in a rushed way. The design of the website begins to suffer. Presentation quality declines. It no longer appeals to the potential homebuyer. Your website needs its own staging professional!

You stage a home to sell faster and for a higher profit, why not your real estate website?

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Often, the first introduction made to a potential homebuyer is through your website. It is your online office. Its design and 'furnishings' says much about you, your business, and your aesthetic values. Will you make a great first impression? You can with the right real estate website staging!

The Benefits of Real Estate Website Staging

Modern home staging has moved beyond simple decluttering and minor tweaks in furnishings. “It’s not just about solving a problem now, but much more about presenting a lifestyle to prospective buyers,” said Jane Saidenberg, the design director of Studio D, a staging company with offices in New York and San Francisco. “People want it to look like a shelter magazine, or like something they've seen on TV. It’s more elevated than it has been in the past.” - The Art of Staging, New York Times

You are selling a lifestyle, not just shelter. Does your real estate website mirror the lifestyle sought by eager online home buyers?


It's All About Emotion and Lifestyle

It is not enough to inform home buyers. You must engage them emotionally.  What about your real estate website? Does it feature the lifestyle that home buyers are looking for? Does it have the contemporary design that captures the hearts of potential clients? The generic real estate website will no longer do. You know what I'm talking about. The home page shows a generic smiling face of a Realtor and the same list of properties shown on every other MLS driven Realtor website in your area. Yawn!

My real estate website staging services are designed to make your website the gold standard in your market. I want your online presentation to exude the same sense of style and execution as a well-staged home.  An impeccable sense of style that mirrors the lifestyle home buyers are looking for.

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If you are a real estate professional, then you can see the logic behind staging your website. Ugly does not inspire clients to choose you as a Realtor. It does not sell homes for the best price. A touch of glamor, a bit of theater is what reaches the emotions of home buyers. I can give you that.

Give online home buyers a great presentation and they will fall in love with you! Contact Don Peterson, for a no-obligation consultation.

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