This recruitment web design was created for an executive search firm located in New York City. The copy provided by the client was very well written, and we wanted to be certain that the graphics we used supported that copy in a thoughtful way. We searched extensively for graphic images that were conceptual, stylish and appropriate for a business web site. It was a challenging but rewarding assignment. The end result was a professional business website with a solid conceptual theme.

recruitment website design

However, there is an addendum to this project. About four years after creating the original website, we spoke to the client about the need to be Mobile friendly. In that time, smartphones had become the most popular way for consumers to browse the Web. Therefore, the website needed to be updated or redesigned to be smartphone and tablet compatible. My client loved the original design and did not want it changed. However, he did want to be mobile compatible. I created a new, smartphone compatible version of the original website with minimal changes to the design. My client now has the best of both worlds; a web design he loves and full mobile compatibility. -Don Peterson

Professional Recruitment Website Des…