Responsive real estate website design is good marketing!

It is often the tendency of developers to focus on the technical demands of responsive web design to the point that good design and marketing principles suffer. Because responsive web design must meet the varying needs of consumers surfing the Web with smartphones, iPhones, Chromebooks, iPads, Android tablets, and a host of other portable Mobile-Web devices, websites must follow standardized guidelines that can limit creative design approaches. As a result, many responsive real estate websites look like they were made from a common template. The challenge is to create appealing web design layouts with strong marketing appeal within the limitations imposed by responsive web design technology.

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Mobile Real Estate Website Design That Works

Here is one creative approach we developed for a real estate professional that specializes in horse farms and equestrian homes and properties in the Charlottesville, VA area. This real estate website is fully responsive and adapts to all smartphones and tablets. However, the design has a warmth and human touch that makes it a highly effective marketing tool as well. The colors are carefully chosen and tightly coordinated. This contributes to web pages that have a pleasing balance and crispness, making it easy-to-read and navigate content. The simplification of the color palette also reduces any sense of clutter on content-heavy pages, giving a pleasing simplicity to the website.

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We used a series of images as a slide show on the home page to appeal to the home-buying market for this responsive real estate website. However, when viewing the website on a Mobile-Web enabled smartphone, the slideshow is hidden to preserve bandwidth. Since most smartphone plans charge for Web browsing by the megabyte, this keeps the website cost-effective for smartphone users while still offering access to all content and interactive tools. The browsing experience on smartphones is visually pleasing and simple, with all tools and features designed to be fully compatible with smartphone technology and standards.

As you visit the content pages in this responsive real estate website design, you will notice a refreshing simplicity and clarity that allows the visitor to get the information they are looking for without a struggle. The navigation follows best online practices, the text is legible and crisp, and the layouts avoid clutter. This remains true whether you use a smartphone or a desktop computer to visit the website.

Responsive & Effective!

Great web design makes good use of responsive technology but hides its complexity behind a pleasing and easy-to-use interface that attracts consumers. This responsive real estate web design has quickly become a potent and highly effective marketing tool for our client. Are you a real estate professional looking for the best solutions for online marketing? Please call Don Peterson, Mobile Web Design Consultant for a no-obligation discussion of your web design needs.

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