A Brief Review of TextNow Wireless

As a web designer, I am constantly online. It's what I do. Also, living in the urban center of a large city, I am generally near a number of places that offer free WiFi. Life is good. I don't browse the Web on a smartphone much. I use my desktop and laptop computer for that. However, I do find a smartphone to be a great tool for the occasional reading of a downloaded file, to monitor email, play music or use an occasional app. Above all, I use a smartphone primarily for its prime intended purposeto make calls.

TextNow Wireless Review

I am not infatuated with expensive smartphones. I don't need the latest iPhone and frankly see no reason to pay for high priced phones and contracts. The difference between moderately priced smartphone models and top-end are largely cosmetic. I don't play bandwidth hogging games on a smartphone. I just need to make calls, check email, and send an occasional text. Give me a reliable smartphone and a cheap monthly phone bill. I have better things to spend money on. Textnow has answered the call...

Textnow (textnow.com) is a relatively new company that offers an amazingly low price for the fundamentals without a contract. A cheap high-quality smartphone and unlimited calls. I decided to check out Textnow for the nearly irresistible low-rates it offers. I decided to write this review after my first month of service.

Textnow review - Motorola G

I was attracted to the pricing of the Textnow.com plans when I was researching smartphone plans. Textnow is a cloud-based prepaid (no contract) phone plan that keeps costs down by using WiFi whenever possible for placing calls. It uses the Sprint network for cellular coverage, unlimited monthly calls, and 3G/4G connections.

The cheapest Textnow plan at $18.99 per month includes:

♠ 500MB of data at 3G/4G speed
♠ Unlimited data at 2G speed
♠ Unlimited texting & calling in US & Canada

What hooked me was the offer of a free Motorola G  (a highly rated budget-priced smartphone) on the $18.99 per month (no-contract) plan. Free is good. So, I took the deal.

Well, I have been using this phone and service for a month now. What are my impressions?

I love it!

The call quality through WiFi connections is excellent. When I am at home, all of my calls are automatically routed through my wireless broadband connection, as well as any Web browsing I may do. Most places I frequent during the day have free Wifi connections. The phone operates flawlessly on these connections.

Update: I've discovered that if you are using a slower DSL broadband home wireless connection you may have issues with dropouts and poor voice quality. That is a problem with DSL, not TextNow. On a good wireless connection that uses faster DSL or cable broadband the TextNow call quality is very stable and clear.

The Sprint based 3G connection is more than adequate for the type of occasional browsing that I do when there is no WiFi connection available. The Motorola G phone is a high quality smartphone with a crisp screen and good responsiveness. Whether I am browsing the web, texting or making calls through Wifi or the Sprint carrier system, the service is flawless. Flawless, at under $20 per month is a wonderful thing!

Overall, this is an excellent service at an unbeatable price. If you are surrounded by high-quality WiFi, I cannot imagine a better way to save gobs of money on phone service. Highly recommended! -Don Peterson

Original Review date: October 20, 2015. Updated July 29, 2016

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