The Beauty of Santa Fe, New Mexico

These photos are all captured in Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. They were captured during various spring and summer strolls in downtown Santa Fe, and along the famed Canyon Road (know for its art galleries).

New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The photo above shows the handsome New Mexico Museum of Art located in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. Its timeless Adobe-style architecture makes it one of the most iconic structures in downtown Santa Fe.

These photos were captured in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, and along the famed Canyon Road, Santa Fe's prime art district. Santa Fe is a very walkable city. Most of its key attractions are located within walking distance of the downtown area. Many of the art galleries and restaurants seen in these photos are on Canyon Road, an easy walk from the popular downtown area.

Loretto Inn, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Art Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Restaurant, Santa Fe, New Mexico

La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a city that cares deeply about aesthetics. You see an artist's touch every where you look, from the local farmer's market held every Saturday in the Railyard to the most exclusive art gallery. That artistry permeates every detail, making this a city that can stand with some of the most classically beautiful urban centers of Europe. Yet, this is no copy-cat city. The visual language it speaks is its own. Its history and cultural heritage that adds a time-worn patina spared the generic feel so common in most American cities.

Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Along with stunning Adobe-style architecture, Santa Fe offers world-class dining, hotels and spas. It is without question one of the most beautiful cities in the United States (if not the world). All photos are by Don Peterson.

Santa Fe Moments