Web Design For An Active Senior Community

I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to create web design for a new senior community in Crozet, Virginia.. I have long felt that the senior community, more than most, is overlooked or taken for granted when it comes to good web design. Much of what is designed for the senior market often looks as if it was created purely with functionality in mind. Aesthetics seems to be an afterthought, or not considered at all. This is especially true of much of the web design for the retired and assisted living community.

Senior Community Website Design

The Lodge at Old Trail is an active senior community with a mission to make seniors the vibrant center of a thriving multi-generational village. Therefore, the website needed to convey that mission while extending a warm invitation to this scenic location in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Of course, the web design needed to meet accessibility standards for seniors, such as legible, larger text and crisp, easy to read navigation. However, we were determined to meet those requirements while at the same time offering a truly elegant and appealing web design. After all, we are designing for an audience with a wealth of life experience and education! We knew that they would appreciate the extra care taken to provide them with effective and appealing web design.

web design senior community

We included an easy-to-use Content Management System that allows our client to maintain all web-site content in-house, They can quickly update and add new content without any specialized training. This saves money and maximizes site maintenance efficiency. We have also insured that the web design and overall strategy for the web site and blog meet sound Search Engine Optimization principles.

The website has been very well received, generating many favorable responses, and garnering fast-growing interest in The Lodge At Old Trail. We are continuing to work with the client to insure the ongoing success of this web design in the overall marketing strategy for The Lodge At Old Trail, A Senior Community.

Senior Community Web Design