Remember when Starbucks was laptop central?

Not so long ago, if you wanted to email, Google, or make an online purchase, you had to lug around a laptop. Now, think. When was the last time you hauled your laptop into the local Starbucks? Most likely, you now use a smartphone for most of the daily computing tasks once reserved for your laptop.

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Smartphones Are The New Laptops (and Desktops)

The truth is that Mobile Web-equipped smartphones and lightweight tablets are the new laptops (and desktops). Most of the computing consumers do on a daily basis can be done on a smartphone. Want to catch the latest viral video on, tweet your latest idea or find a local shop? The smartphone is now the best way to do it. It's always with you, light as a feather, and has all the computing power most consumers need.

“Will we always need a desktop? No, not all of us will,” says consumer trends industry expert and Kantar Worldwide’s chief researcher, Carolina Milanesi. “Some of us already don’t.”

This shift has caused a major headache for companies that market traditional desktop computers and laptops. "Many users are realizing that everyday computing, such as accessing the Web, connecting to social media, sending emails, as well as using a variety of apps, doesn't require a lot of computing power or local storage,"… These users have not necessarily given up on PCs as a platform for computing when a more robust environment is needed, but this takes a smaller share of computing time, and users are making do with older systems." - PC World

Is Your Business Website Ready for Smartphones?

Fundamentally, smartphones are now the computer of choice for modern consumers. That is a fact. Does your business market to consumers online? The current reality is that reaching consumers demands that you focus first on making your website smartphone (Mobile Web) ready. The traditional desktop computer user is now your secondary market. Has your business made the needed website upgrades to reflect this fundamental change in consumer behavior? Not doing so may prove costly.

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Smartphones Are The New Laptops