Smartphones Rule Social Media

If you want to reach potential customers through Social Media marketing you must connect with them on their smartphones. No other online market uses Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with such zeal as users of Social Media. Consumers spend more than twice as much time daily browsing the web on smartphones and tablets than on desktop and laptop computers. That trend is rising.

smartphones rule social media

It stands to reason that you need a mobile compatible website if you want to reach a Social Media audience (Facebook, Pinterest, Twiter, Stumbleupon, etc.). In fact, you need to ensure that your website is designed for Mobile first.

A few evenings ago, I was observing the Real Time stats on one of my website in Google as visitors from, a popular Social Media portal visited my website. The number of Mobile users hovered around 50% with tablet users staying around 25%. Desktop users were only 25-27% of the total users coming to my website from Stumbleupon.

Mobile Users, Social Media

Why is that? Google uses the term micro-moments to describe how consumers now use smartphones. As consumers are on the go, they constantly consult their smartphones to be kept up-to-date on what matters to them. There is no longer a need to pop into the local Starbucks with a laptop, use the computer at work, or wait until you get home. You can go online anytime, anywhere, using free micro-moments during the day to browse the Web.

Because of this trend, we need to reach consumers where they are, in the moment. To do so, we must design business-to-consumer websites for Mobile first. To design for Mobile first means focusing on the needs of Mobile users as the priority. Page speed, legibility, and simplicity are key components of a Mobile friendly website.

It is fascinating to see this trend and to design websites to meet it. If you want to serve consumers more fully on mobile devices, contact Don Peterson . I offer a free evaluation of your present website and a no-obligation consultation.

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