Spas, day spas and beauty salons offer the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious massage or peaceful sauna, and the indulgence of skin care regimens that contribute to wellness and beauty. They need website design that conveys all of the emotion and beauty promised by a day of indulgence at the spa.

Spa Website Design & Beauty Salon Websites

Most spa website design tends to fall into a predictable pattern. When that happens to your spa website, the end result is that you become a clone of the commonplace and predictable. Your business does not stand out from the pack. I say break free of convention! Promote your beauty salon in new and refreshing ways!

Emotion-Driven Spa Website Design

This website design is designed to catch the eye and heart of your potential spa and beauty salon customer. Right away it engages the spa customer with an image of health and beauty that begs discovery. Whether they seek facials, massages or restorative spa treatments, your website features it in a beautiful and appealing way. Curiosity stirred and heart engaged, your new customer scrolls down the page to learn more about your spa and its services. It is a refreshing break from the stereotypical spa website.

Spa Website Design - Beauty Salon Websites - #2


What is unique about this spa website design is that it also has genuine appeal and sparkle on smartphones. The impact and beauty of the home page are not lost on a small smartphone screen. That's vital. As we enter 2016, more than half of all consumers visiting your website will do so on a smartphone. That trend is accelerating. Therefore, your spa website cannot look great on a computer but anemic on a smartphone. This spa web design engages the hearts of potential customers on smartphones, iPhones, tablets and more.

A Practical Web Design for the Spa & Beauty Salon Owner

This spa website is not just about good looks. It is designed to sell and promote your relaxation and wellness services. As you scroll down the home page, you come to the "Specials of the Week" where four panels feature your special packages or sale items. Everything from body treatments, facials and massages to herbal rubs and wraps can be featured here.  This web design makes it very easy for you to edit and update those time-sensitive features from any computer with Web access. Simply log in, edit a few lines of text, upload new images, and you're done. The easy-to-use Content Management System allows you to edit and update all of your content, maintain a blog, and a photo gallery. No technical skills are needed!

The website makes it easy for clients to book an appointment online with an easy-to-use form. Also, automated Social Media tools make it easy for you and your visitors to promote your website on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Spa Website Design Features

Here are key features of this beautiful spa website design:

All content is easily editable. This website is based on WordPress, making content edits easy for any Spa owner and staff. Fresh, updated content is one of the best ways to improve your ranking in search engines.

Social Media Tools make it possible for you and your visitors to like, tweet and post links to your web pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other important Social Media outlets. This provides 'social signals' ( likes, shares, votes, pins, or views people place on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media sites) that Google factors into your website's search engine ranking.

Full smartphone compatibility. Not only is this spa website design fully compatible with smartphones, it looks great on them. The design is optimized to make a great presentation no matter what smartphone or tablet is used to view it.

Stunning photography and graphics. Image is everything online! I do careful research to find the best stock photos and images to compliment your business and touch the emotions of potential customers.

Solid support. I provide full telephone and email based training to ensure that you are able to fully manage your website. I also provide easy-to-follow Search Engine Optimization support. This ensures that your spa website will perform at its best in marketing your business.

Elegant Spa Web Design for a Small Business Budget

Beauty Salon Website Design

It bears repeating: All content, such as prices, sales, special rates and descriptions can be easily edited using the WordPress content management system.  You never have to worry about your website having out-of-date information or prices. Nor do you have to call a web designer or developer each time you need a minor edit or change done.

Finally, here is the one feature that is sure to please the budget-minded spa owner; great value. This website is priced to fit your budget while providing world-class design and functionality. Want to know more? Contact New York Freelance Web Designer Don Peterson . I will be happy to give your spa an online presentation that sparkles!

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