Inspiring Ideas for Spas, Day Spas & Beauty Salons

Here are a few of the spa websites (and related beauty salon, wellness and travel websites) I have designed in recent years. These websites all feature warm, compelling, tactile web design adorned with the human touch. Stunning images highlight the hair, skin, nails & beauty salon services offered by my clients. The look is engaging artful, and emotional, drawing the viewer into your website, motivating them to select your spa and wellness business. Touch the hearts of potential customers!

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Relaxing Visuals, An Essential Spa Website Ingredient

When you think of a spa, what comes to mind? Calming massages, invigorating skin treatments and wraps, a retreat for the mind, heart and body. You may also think about beautifully appointed salons that seem a world away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle. By selecting the right visuals for your spa or day spa website, you bring those feelings and images to mind in potential customers. The images featured on this page provide some visual inspiration to that end. The colors and settings help your online audience to form an emotional connection with your spa from the very first visit to your website.

A spa website should use color, texture and light to evoke a sense of luxury and personal indulgence. It should make your audience feel pampered and special. The samples seen on this page are from spa, travel and cosmetic websites. However, they all convey the joys of special pleasures offered to the online audience. A good spa website must do more than inform. It must touch the heart to be truly effective.

Day Spa Website Design - Mobile

Convey A Sense of Luxury

A luxury is something that is inessential, yet highly desirable. Does your spa website design convey a sense of luxury? A visit to a spa is a personal indulgence. Your website should highlight the luxury and indulgence promised by your spa. With skillful web design, it can do so.

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Use Color and Texture to Convey the Spa Experience

The warm glow of a scented candle, the tactile sensation of exotic woods, colors that comfort and soothe... It can all be communicated via your spa website design. By choosing visuals that pack a simple but strong emotional appeal through color and texture, your web design becomes a foretaste of the day of pampering.

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Make it Timeless

Your spa or salon website should convey a timeless sense of luxury that will appeal to men and women. The inspiration provided by these web design samples show how well-designed visuals can enhance your efforts to attract new customers online.

beauty products web designBeauty salons are considered a recession-proof market in the United States. In fact, the salon and spa industry have thrived historically through economic downturns as a small business sector. Beauty is a necessary luxury for many. Your spa or beauty salon website can showcase special offers and discounts that can be updated easily by non-technical staff. My latest spa websites all use popular Content Management tools like WordPress to allow quick and easy updates of prices, special events, discounts and more.

Spa Website Design - Sales and Discounts Page

Make it Emotional

This is the single most important ingredient in any good spa website design. Emotion! You must touch the hearts of potential clients and tap into a yearning for relaxation and pampering. Say it with feeling! Both the copy and the visuals need to speak to the heart. The samples featured on this page (from past client websites) all have emotional content.

spa website design inspiration #4

spa website design inspiration 4

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web design portfolio - mobile friendly - responsive

All of the websites featured on this page were designed by Don Peterson, the creative force behind Would you like your spa website to inspire more new customers? Contact Don Peterson for a free no-obligation discussion of your needs.

Spa Website Design Inspiration