spring bloom in frame

"Spring Bloom in Frame" is my name for this simple yet colorful photo. I photographed this nearly twelve years ago on 35mm film during one of my many pleasant afternoon sojourns to my local botanic garden. As a freelance web designer, I am often complimented on my use of color. The truth is, so much of my inspiration for the use of color comes from what I see in flowers! This beautiful white bloom was shot against a blurred background of pink blossoms. I later used a watercolor splash effect in Photoshop for the effect you see here along with a digitized frame.

The photo shown below was taken at the BioPark Botanic Garden in Albuquerque, New Mexico during the spring season. -Photos by Don Peterson

A Colorful Daisy Flower

Here is another bloom that is more common in late summer, a beautiful pink lotus!

pink lotus flower

Spring Blooms Photographed