Standard Diner, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Route 66

In a city of a million lights... well maybe not quite that many... This photo shows a 'film noirish' type setting featuring the Standard Diner, one of the most popular (and deservedly so) eateries along the old Route 66 in East Downtown, Albuquerque. I shot this on a quiet March evening (love those balmy March evenings) about a half hour after sunset. Downtown Albuquerque still retains some of its Route 66 attitude in buildings like this one.

This photo was captured with a tripod-mounted Canon 20D with a classic Tokina 19-35mm F:3.5-4.5 lens. The original raw image was edited and given this duotone-like effect in Photoshop. Photo by Don Peterson. You can see more of my Albuquerque photos at

Standard Diner, Route 66, Albuquerqu…