Many of my newest clients from the past year or so know this website as I moved to that newly acquired domain in June of 2015 because it represented a more accurate description of what my business is all about. However, truth be told, I believe that it put me at a disadvantage when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

Newark1 Web Design Portfolio, was the domain for this website since 2001. It had a strong ranking in Google as I had continually hosted my growing web design portfolio and blog at that domain (for over 15 years) since its inception. Also, benefited from many incoming links from well-ranked websites that accumulated over the years.

The Virtues of Timeless Web Design

I want my SEO Back!

The decision to move to was done in the belief that the search engine ranking of would remain largely intact after moving to the new domain. After a year as, I've come to realize, in hindsight, that it has harmed my search engine ranking. Most of the top-ranked domains that I compete with have been around for ten years or more. Everything else being equal, there is no way that a year-old domain can compete with a 15-year-old domain with a good SEO history. Moving to a new domain in a crowded online market has, in my opinion, put me at a disadvantage.

Of course, most Search Engine Optimization is careful guesswork based on observation. We can't say for sure how Google thinks. However, I've decided to move back to to see what impact it will have on my search ranking in Google. It will take a few months to know for sure. However, given the long, positive history of this domain, I am certain it will prove to be a wise decision. What is old is new again. Welcome back to!

A Step Back In Time… For SEO