Two lessons I learned about style:

The first lesson is that style does matter. Whether it is web design or very nearly anything, the presentation or packaging is as important as the product. A superb lesson in presentation is Joe Ades, perhaps the best-known street vendor ever in New York City. He sold potato peelers on the street dressed elegantly in Chester Barrie suits and Turnbull & Asser shirts. With his impeccable taste, British accent, and polished style, he turned a humble trade into a lucrative art.

style matters in web design - New York Freelance Web Designer

I used to see Joe quite often in the Midtown New York City area selling his $5 potato peelers. His presence was magnetic, and the constant patter of his sales pitch was perfectly executed. What is more, he had more style than most NYC executives. He always attracted a large crowd, most of whom would stay for a six-minute presentation and buy one of his peelers at the end. Even though I never peeled potatoes I felt the urge to buy one myself! Joe was a master of presentation, and his product would never have sold without it. So compelling and memorable was his presentation, that Joe was written about in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and featured on the Today Show  (see footnote for my take on the legend of Joe Ades). Joe Ades was a powerful reminder of the power of style and presentation (he passed away in 2009).

That takes me to my second lesson about style. Great visual style is one of the most potent selling tools you can have. Consider the personal technology giant Apple. While it is not a New York company, it has captured the hearts of New Yorkers.  Apple's flagship Manhattan location sells more per square foot than any other New York retailer. How is it done? With style...

Web Design New York - Apple

According to a Fortune magazine article in 2011: "Saks, whose flagship store is down the street, generates sales of $362 per square foot a year. Best Buy stores turn $930 - tops for electronics retailers - while Tiffany & Co. takes in $2,666. Audrey Hepburn liked Tiffany's for breakfast, but at $4,032 per square foot, Apple is eating everyone's lunch"

Apple has a non-aggressive sales approach in its stores. Salesmen do not approach you with a persistent sales pitch but allow you to play with the Apple products on display without hindrance. What is selling Apple products? Great style and presentation. Apple has maintained a consistently high level of design that makes it the most desirable technology brand in the world.

Style matters online as well, and my New York based web design markets style to a far-reaching audience. Think about it. In just about every city in the United States, you will find New York Style pizza or New York Style bagels or New York Style cheesecake. Why? New York style is enduring and has national appeal.

Web Design  - My Personal Passion

As a Freelance Website Designer, I understand the need to get your message across in a "New York minute." However, that message must be delivered with style and finesse worthy of one of the greatest cities in the world. I'm from "The Big Apple", so I understand your audience and what it takes to hold their attention. My Web Design Portfolio features numerous hard-working websites that rise above the din and chatter of 'The Big Apple,' attracting new business for my small-business clients.

Style matters in web design

Web Design With Passion!

New York City small business owners and consultants must build an online persona that conveys the spirit of their business. The warmth and passion that makes your business live and breathe are vital to creating a lasting impression on potential customers. It is the human touch that brings websites to life. Sadly, most web designers overlook this vital ingredient in effective web design. The passion that drives your New York business can be captured and conveyed with the right visual presentation.

New York Freelance Website Design - 2

Web Design With Verve!

Here is one example of effective emotional web design (shown below): I created this website design for Valerie Haboush, a local copywriter with a solid reputation for writing engaging copy that sells homes and properties for the top Realtors in the New York metro area. Her personality and style are an essential component of her identity and brand.

The home page has verve and matches the colorful personality of my client. It is not a 'me-too' web design. It speaks of a vibrant business owner with a passion for creativity. The personality of this web design makes it memorable, even unforgettable. In a city like New York, you need that flavorful emotional spice in your web design to give your business the edge.

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If I Can Make It There...

Sinatra sang it best! Although my website design is infused with a New York City 'can do' spirit, my client base is international. They are located in all 50 states and as far away as Monaco. Good web design travels well. Whether it be a real estate professional who specializes in equestrian estates in Charlottesville, VA, or a travel agency that specializes in Tahiti vacations, emotionally driven website design with a touch of New York City attitude works!

Freelance Web Design - New York

As a Freelance Website Designer for more nearly two decades, I merge a passion for emotional web design with solid marketing principles and good taste. All web design seen in this portfolio was created by yours truly. I want to make your business an online success as well! Please contact me at for a free website evaluation and no-obligation discussion. -Don Peterson

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Footnote: The Legend of Joe Ades. In some media accounts, Joe is painted as a rags to riches story of someone who made millions as a street vendor selling $5 potato peelers. That claim simply defies logic and is more urban legend than fact. I am convinced he made a very respectable income. However, he only took on the trappings of wealth when he moved into his fourth wife's Park Ave., NYC apartment. She was a woman of means. A more realistic account of his life is provided by the UK-based Telegraph newspaper. Regardless, he was a fascinating salesman and a genuine celebrity in a city where both are hard-earned! Also, I learned much about haberdashery from his impeccable sense of style.

Why Style Matters In Web Design