Can we ever have too many bakeries? Just imagine the smell of fresh baked bread, colorful cakes and pies greeting you every morning... Who can resist? Needless to say, creating great website design for local bakeries and bake shops is one of my favorite undertakings. The inspiration is so tasty!

Tasty Bakery Website Design

Earlier this year, gave us a list of the top ten cities for bakeries in America. These are the cities with the most bake shops per capita. They are:

♥ Altamonte Springs, FL (try the Chocolate Cupcake at Bake Me a Cake)
♥ Newport Beach, CA (The Vanilla Pound Cake at SusieCakes is great)
♥ Franklin, TN (The Chocolate Raspberry Brownie at Merridee's is tops)
♥ Parker, CO (The Sourdough Baguette at La Baguette de Normandy - wow!)
♥ Olympia, WA (you'll love the Cherry Pie at San Francisco Street Bakery)
♥ Cedar Hill, TX (Chocolate Chip Cookies at Great American Cookies)
♥ Concord, NC (the Cheese Straws at Ritchie Hill Bakery are amazing)
♥ Dearborn, MI (you'll love the Spinach Pie at Yasmeen Bakery)
♥ Hoboken, NJ (dreamy Pumpkin Pound Cake at Carlo's Bakery)
♥ Tigard, OR (classic Persian Cookies at Bonbon Bakery)

Visiting these great bakery cities is worth a road trip! Of course, you probably have a favorite bakery in your hometown as well.

Bakery Website Design

My bakery website design helps local bakeries to entice the eyes and stomachs of hungry customers online. With great photography, tantalizing color palettes, and appealing layouts, we stir the appetites of local consumers. Your delicious cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, donuts and cupcakes take center stage!

Bake Shop Website Design

In addition, you bakery website offers all the information needed to inform new customers. It will contain a Google map with directions, your business hours, menu and more. What is more, an easy to use Content Management System allows you to easily update your information and photos with minimal expertise.
Social Media provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase your baked goods. To make that possible, I install automated features that submit your web pages and photos to Social Media used by local consumers.

Finally, I ensure that your website is smartphone and iPhone ready. No matter what device your customer uses to visit your website, it will look perfect.

Tasty Bakery Website Design