A Website Redesign for a Very Popular Diabetic Baking Blog

Whenever I approach a new freelance web design project, I have two objectives. The first is to give my client a website that fulfills their expectations. The second objective is to exceed their expectations. The Diabetic Pastry Chef has a loyal online customer base for her recipes, cookbook and mail-order baked goods. Stacey Harris, the Diabetic Pastry Chef,  wanted an online e-commerce website that would compliment her well-known Etsy.com store. and her popular blog.

Bake Shop Website Design - Diabetic pastry Chef

The first thing I did was review her blog. The Diabetic Pastry Chef is well known for creating tasty low-sugar and no-sugar baked goodies that can be enjoyed by diabetics. However, her baked goods are so tasty, they appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. Last updated in 2008, The Diabetic Pastry Chef blog was cute and had a design that appealed to her fans. However, due to its age, it was not mobile-friendly and had some coding flaws that could present a potential security issue. So I recommended updating the blog as the first step before creating the e-commerce website. Here is where the goal of exceeding her expectations began.

Bakery Web Design - Diabetic Pastry Chef

The blog redesign had to maintain her company branding. However, I wanted to add visual appeal and luster that would make it stand with the best food websites online. After reviewing the top food websites for inspiration, I created a crisp, colorful web design with an unforgettable presence. It has large engaging visuals and a magazine-like layout that adapts well to smartphones and tablets. In addition, since it is a blog, it is easy to maintain and search engine friendly.

Bakery Website Design - Diabetic Pastry

There are a number of enhancements that will help to attract more online traffic to the Diabetic Pastry Chef. We added Social Media buttons to make it easy for visitors to like, tweet and pin her content on the Social Media platform of their choice. We also installed tools that enhance the speed of the website, especially on mobile devices.

From the day that this new web design was launched, The Diabetic Pastry Chef, Stacey Harris has received many compliments from her fans. It was a pleasure to assist Stacey to build a new online presence that looks as good as her legendary baked goods taste!

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