How To Create Great Travel Website Design

The dictionary defines the word allure as: "To attract with something desirable." Great travel web design has an allure. After all, there are few experiences in life that are packed with such emotional yearning as travel. The insistent beckoning of exotic ports of call, the magnetic lure of white sand beaches... Oh, how it plays the heartstrings! Effective travel web design gives the visitor more than just the facts, it offers an emotional allure!

Great Travel Website Design - The Allure

Great Travel Websites Take You There...

Imagine cool blue waters gently lapping against a brilliant white sand beach . . . Can you hear the gentle sounds of the waves? You linger with the tall cool drink of your choice while being pampered endlessly by an attentive waiter . . . Your mind drifts to the culinary delights that await come dinner. Can you see yourself in that setting? Therein lies the allure! Carefully crafted travel web design can stir the heart, and create a yearning for faraway places!

How to Create Great Travel Website Design

Does your travel website look like it was designed by a someone who sits in front of a keyboard all day in an office cubicle, or by someone with a real passion for travel? Like good travel agents, good travel web designers have a passion for the destinations they promote.

Great Travel Websites

The Elements of Great Travel Web Design

Let's start with the home page of your travel website. It provides an invitation to the viewer. Its design must beckon, tease and entice the viewer to enter the website for further exploration. Here is where our talent and experience as web designers pays off. Looking at that white sand beach, inviting waters, and dreamy blue skies that urge the viewer to use their imagination, and become a part of the scene. It is a visual allure created by the web designers imagination.

Great Travel Web Design

Touch Emotions With the Allure of Color

The emotion of color plays a key role in my travel web design. Colors are carefully chosen for their emotional signature and are used in ways that suggest a simple sophistication, compelling warmth, and reassuring luxury. You will see a timeless elegance in my color palettes that speak to the very heart of your customer.

Great Travel Web Design - Sample 2

Travel Web Design Content Pages - Allure Is In the Details

One of the principles I follow in web design is to make the site feel like a beautiful magazine layout, not a website! People love to languish over a beautiful magazine, flipping the pages and soaking in the beautiful layouts and well-composed copy. I want viewers to do the same on my websites! To that end, the content pages are designed to mimic the pages of a luxury travel magazine. How so?

Great Travel Web Design - #4

First of all, the photos used must be beautiful. We do an extraordinary amount of research to find the right stock photos for the layout. In this instance, we convinced our client to obtain updated and more appealing photos of his resort. Providing the best photography possible is essential to a great online presentation. Photos have the task of selling a travel destination to a vacationer who has not seen that locale in person. Give them the best quality visuals. It makes no sense to skimp on photography.

Great Travel Website Design

Secondly, the layout of the content pages should look at home in Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, or other high-end fashion or travel magazines. We seek a good balance between generously sized photos and text. Each page should feel like a beautiful spread in a magazine. The overall effect invites the reader eye to languish over beautiful photography and well-proportioned copy.

The overall effect is a web design that feels like a luxury magazine. It is inviting, easy to read, and has allure. A simple presentation. Yet, it is the result of much hard work and sound marketing and design strategies. This is what travel web design becomes in the hands of! Let us create your next great travel website!

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