Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for any business owner who uses a website for marketing, generating business leads and e-commerce. However, the glut of information available online on the topic of SEO is overwhelming. And, caution is needed to avoid bad advice that can hurt, rather than benefit your website ranking. Much of the online content on the subject is provided by marketers looking to sell their own services. Where do you go to get sound, reliable advice at no cost?

Go To The Source... Google!

The reality is that when you speak of search engine optimization you are really talking about Google, the biggest, baddest search engine on the planet. The good news is that Google offers sound, no-frills SEO guidance that works. And, it doesn't require a degree in rocket science to understand it.

Here is a video by Google spokesperson Maile Ohye that offers clear, simple SEO guidelines that really work. In fact, this ten minute video will give you a solid foundation for optimizing your small business website SEO. Maile not only offers sound advice, she teaches it in a way that is easily digestible and usable. These tips are specifically for small (under 50 pages) websites that are typical of small businesses and startups.

Here are the few key SEO issues addressed in this video:

Why it is essential to have a Google Webmaster Tools account for your website, and how to set it up. (1:26 in video)

What information Google Webmaster Tools provides that can benefit your website SEO and how to stay informed on any issues that Google has with your website at (1:34 in the video)

Google Webmasters

How to perform a background check on your domain to see if it was penalized by Google in the past (2:00 in the video)

How to use the "Fetch As Googlebot" in Google Webmaster Tools to submit your website pages to Google's search index for fast indexing (within 24 hours). (2:40 in the video).

What strategies should drive the design of your website for maximum customer (and potential customer) usability and conversion? (3:28 in the video)

How should keywords be used in your website text for best Search Engine Optimization? (4:57 in the video)

The importance of anticipating and answering visitors questions in your website text (5:23 in the video)

What should you include on every page of your website? (5:48 in the video)

How to create text links that maximize your SEO (6:13 in the video)

3 top potential SEO pitfalls that you must avoid (6:53 in the video)

The importance of fast-loading web pages (7:20 in the video)

In under ten minutes, this video offers the essentials for sound website SEO. No confusing jargon, no hocus pocus, this is the good stuff! Maile Ohye is an excellent teacher, and gives you the essentials in ten minutes that other websites pontificate on for hours. Follow this advice and you can't go wrong!


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